Biocranial System

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Biocranial System

Biocranial System is about maximizing the brain communication to your body systems organs and tissues down to the cellular level by releasing what Robert Boyd, DO. coined, “Contracted Dural System.”

Science has proven we have a continuous communication network from the top of our head to the soles of our feet. It starts with a sac over and around the brain (the dura) and continues down connecting to the entire myofascial system. This covering is literally the outer layer of every organ, muscle, nerve and blood vessel in your body; therefore when the dura over the brain is contracted it can cause inefficiency in body functions. After decades of work, Dr. Boyd proved that with  any type of stress the
Dural response is always the same: overcontraction.

Overcontraction then manifests in the body as an overworking or underworking.  For example, chronic constipation could be a manifestation of dural contraction where the bowel is underworking or high blood pressure could be a result of dural contraction manifesting as constriction of blood vessels overworking. Over the years hundreds of conditions have responded to Biocranial Therapy.

To determine the need for Biocranial as part of the comprehensive initial work up I do thorough muscle testing which reveals where the weaknesses are.

Biocranial is a very specific noninvasive therapy which feels like a firm smooth stretch involving the head and neck. The procedure only takes a few minutes. The effects of Biocranial are accumulative however most people have a maximum muscle response between 4 to 6 visits.
The following is just a small list of conditions that have responded to Biocranial I have experienced over the years:

Migraines, Acute and Chronic Pain Syndromes, Hormone Imbalance: Digestive and Bowel Issues, Insomnia, Fatigue, Muscle Weakness, Brain Fog, and Circulatory Problems.

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